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7 Things to Ask Professional Pressure Washers Before You Hire

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Power washing may seem like a no-brainer, and you may be tempted to close your eyes and point to a listing, but choosing the wrong company can put your home at risk. 

Power washing in untrained hands can cause significant damage to your house. Professionals should know how to vary the pressure when effectively cleaning the different parts of your home. 

Here are the seven questions you should ask the pressure washing services to guarantee a safe and thorough cleaning of your house. 

Benefits of Home Pressure Washing Services

Before we go over the questions, you may be wondering what the benefits are of searching for “pressure washing services near me” instead of making this a DIY job. Let’s consider the following:

Prevents Damage

After an unusually harsh winter in Kentucky, it is primarily a good idea to have a power washing service clean your home. Snow and grime during the winter can cause mold and mildew later on in the spring and summer if left untreated. Mold loves to feed on the paint finish and will eventually cause it to rot away. 

Power washing your home will help clear off any algae, mold, or mildew that may be unknowingly growing on your house. Frequent washing will help prevent significant damage down the road. 

Saves Money

A house needs constant maintenance and upkeep to hold its value. Just like a car needs frequent washing to maintain its paint, the same goes for a home. Frequent power washing is necessary to keep it looking new and in great shape. 

Spending a little on pressure washing services will save you money in repair costs later if you did not choose to wash your house often. 

Primer for Repainting 

If you plan on repainting or refinishing your house, power washing is an excellent primer. Power washing will remove any dirt and grime and get your home ready for its new look. If you do not remove any dirt or old paint, the fresh paint will not stick or look good.

Healthier For Your Family

You should add power washing to your yearly spring cleaning as it removes pollen, dust mites, and mold. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. Removing pollen and the other causes of allergies and asthma can help make your home safer for you and your family. 

Increases Home Value

If you are planning on selling your home, power washing should be on the top of your to-do list. Homebuyers will not want to purchase a new home if it looks older than it is full of mold and eaten away by paint. A clean and well-maintained home will help increase your property value. 

So What Should You Ask a House Pressure Washing Service?

When googling, “pressure washer sales and service near me,” it can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right company. Here are the seven questions you should consider before hiring pressure washing services.

1. Are You Insured?

With the nature of the pressure washing job, accidents are possible. It is essential to make sure that the company you are hiring can fully cover any liability or damage. Do not hesitate to ask these critical questions because one mistake can cost you a ton of money and headache later. 

2. Are You and Your Technicians Certified?

As mentioned before, power washers can be dangerous in untrained hands. The company you hire must be wholly certified in handling pressure washers. We encourage you to ask the company in question about the certification process to make sure you are putting your house into the right hands. 

3. Do You Pressure Wash the Windows?

If you would like your windows cleaned too, ask the company if they pressure was the windows. They should not apply any pressure washing to the windows since they are more fragile. Do not hire a company if they tell you that they will pressure wash the windows to clean them.

A house pressure washing service can clean windows but clean them without using their pressure washers. Cleaning without pressure will spare you any potential damage to your windows.

4. Can You Show Me Before and After Pictures?

Before you hire a company, ask them for proof of their services. They should be able to show you many different before and after pictures of previous clients’ homes.

Do not just take a company’s word for it that they can improve your house by making it sparkling clean. If a company is proud of its work, it will be more than willing to show you plenty of pictures. 

5. What Is Your Cleaning Process? 

High pressure is not necessarily a good thing. HurriClean offers soft wash house washing, which safely removes dirt, grime, mold, and mildew without causing any damage to your exterior, unlike the traditional pressure cleaning methods. 

Soft wash is a technique that is not only safer for your house but will help it stay cleaner up to four times longer than typical power washing. 

6. Can I See Your Reviews and References?

Does the company have plenty of good reviews to read? While photos are good, it is also essential to look at reviews and see what previous customers are saying about their experiences. 

Ask the company for a list of references, and do not be afraid to follow up on them to make sure they are credible. Take caution when you are hiring any company to do work on your home. A little bit of research can help save you time and money. 

7. What Services Do You Offer?

Are they only experienced in washing the exterior, or are they also experienced cleaning the windows and driveways? Asking about what services they can help give you an idea of how well they know their products. 

HurriClean offers many different services apart from residential exterior cleanings such as commercial pressure washing services, residential concrete sealing, roof cleaning, and many other services. 

Choosing the Best Service Your Home

These questions are essential in choosing your pressure washing services. Please do not put your house in the hands of a company unless they are reputable and qualified to handle your home with the utmost care. 

If you are in the Louisville, KY area, or surrounding areas, HurriClean is proud to serve any of your washing needs. We are professional and ready to improve your home or business. 

Contact us today for a free quote or to discuss how we can help make your home shine!