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5 Important Reasons to Leave Pressure Washing to the Pros

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If you’ve ever seen the satisfying before-and-after photos from a pressure washing job, it’s easy to understand why the task is so tempting. Seeing years of dirt, mildew, and grime slip away can be strangely fun, and the job seems simple enough that many homeowners think about doing it themselves.

If that sounds familiar, we’re going to stop you there! It’s true that power washing can make a big difference on your property, but it’s not something the average person should try to tackle alone. As the name indicates, pressure washing comes with a lot of pressure—which can be hard to handle or even dangerous in the wrong hands.

Before you head out to the home improvement store to grab an off-the-rack pressure washer, here are a few reasons to leave this job to the professionals.

1. It’s Safer

If you know anything about pressure washing, you probably know that the risk of injury is nothing to laugh at.

Pressure washers are dangerous to operate, and you can cause severe injuries if you’re not careful. Even a simple touch of the high-pressured water can be a health hazard. This, of course, is without considering the other hazards you might have to work through, like washing your property’s siding on a ladder.

Consumer reports estimates that in 2014 alone, over 6,000 people ended up in the emergency room with injuries related to pressure washer use. Even if you understand the basics of pressure washer safety, you may prefer not to risk your health for home cleanliness.

If you must pressure wash your own property, be sure to read the CDC’s guidelines on pressure washing safety and fundamentals.

2. The Equipment Is Pro-Grade

While consumer-grade pressure washers can remove dirt from surfaces, they don’t provide the same power as professional-grade equipment.

This can be both good and bad. On one hand, you’re less likely to cause damage to your own property if you’re using a consumer-grade pressure washer you found at a home improvement store. On the other hand, that pressure washer won’t pack the punch it needs to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

When you have a professional pressure washing service tackle the job, they’ll come equipped with stronger tools and cleaners than you can access on your own. This means they’ll be able to offer more thorough and effective work overall.

3. Pros Know How to Use the Equipment

Pressure washers use a variety of nozzles that spray water at set angles and pressures. High-pressure nozzles remove more dirt, while low-pressure nozzles are gentler and take more time to remove it. If you don’t know the difference between the nozzles and settings—or which option to choose for which task—you may put too much pressure on a critical piece of property.

In addition, pressure washing can require a wide spectrum of chemicals designed to remove stains and grime. However, it can be hard for beginners to know when they’re using the right one at the right time.

A professional will understand which cleaning solution to ask, how long to let the solution sit, what PSI setting to use, and more. If you tried to learn all of that yourself, it could require much more research and experimentation, which leads us to the next point.

4. You Could Damage Your Property

A new pressure washer can be tempting. The urge to clean everything sometimes means that you’re eager to test the device out on any dirty surface around your home.

However, when you don’t have enough experience to know which settings to use, you might make mistakes—which can be costly. Unfortunately, we see this happen from time to time: homeowners only realize they shouldn’t have tackled this task when it’s too late.

This can mean anything from oxidized streaks in the siding to broken windows. In some cases, homeowners may find out the hard way that pressure washers can damage their cars or their expensive lawn furniture. They may also learn that too much pressure can make a sidewalk crack widen, or that bricks can chip and crack under the wrong setting.

If you’re not sure when or how to use a pressure washer, put it down and call a professional!

5. It Saves You Time

It’s hard to overestimate the convenience of having pressure washing professionals do the job. When you’re working a 40+ hour workweek, you may not want to spend your valuable downtime struggling with a pressure washer. Depending on the size of your home, doing a thorough job could require your entire afternoon, or even multiple days of work!

What’s more, because pressure washing professionals are used to the job, they can tackle your home cleaning faster than you could on your own. A pressure washing job that might take you several hours could take a professional just one.

In other words, you’ll be able to get back more of your limited free time while a pro tackles the job fast!

Work With the Trusted Louisville Pressure Washing Service

Hopefully, we’ve now convinced you to put down your pressure washer and step away from your property. Hiring a professional to do the job can reduce the risk of health hazards, save valuable time, and more—so why not contact a trusted team now?

HurriClean is the reliable source for pressure washing in Louisville and the surrounding areas, and we’re happy to work with you to get the job done. If you’d like to learn how we can help, contact us today or reach out for a free quote online.